tired and sick of people. Really, when you shop, be nice to the workers because retail sucks enough as it is.

wow i just did what!

I just defriended someone on facebook, no one you would know. Some I knew from Reading UK, it was a long time coming as I had little to nothing in common with her. But she was a being such a BI&^H over the whole als thing. I don't care that much but her attitude was enough to put me over the edge and just be done with her finally.
I've unfollowed a few people before, none present! But, this.......is a start, I have others who were really not my friends, who ended up my friends on facebook just because and I so don't need them there. If you weren't my friend in real life, then why did you friend me on facebook?
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God, I hate that feeling that people are talking about you and there really isn't any way to know for sure....*sigh*


Just a small confession. I finally had the courage to post a Naruto fanfic on fanfiction.............I wrote a lot ahead of time but now I have to post as I go. I feel like a shit procrastinating but I don't want to post crappy chapters.

Which is worse...taking a while or only posting really short chapters?

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I just sent this message to the woman who was 'sitting' my dog while I was away for Thanksgiving
Hi, I'd like you to know that Shadow had several scab bites on his tummy from his time with you. So if you wonder why he wasn't happy that was it! I know that you like dogs but I would suggest that perhaps you try to receive proper training as to how to properly board dogs. Just because a dog is not a 'bully breed' doesn't make it okay to throw them into a 'doggy camp' with a bunch of other dogs!
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So anyway, was that too harsh for the moron, it'd like your opinion???


I feel really bad for my sister right now. She is going through a really hard time and frankly what she does is always really hard and that sucks. She works as a case worker for people who are mentally ill and to be frank most people at least in America, have little sympathy for people who are mentally ill as opposed to mentally handicapped.
Mainly because if people look normal the majority expect them to act normal. There is little funding, little support...
My sister works with people who are mentally ill, people who look normal but who are not.

I think it's so much harder and I could never do it.

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Ok, so I've always been curious. And it's a dumb thing but whatever! What are the supermarkets near you? Growing up in NJ we had shop-rite and Foodtown, here where I am now it is shoprite, price chopper, and walmart mainly and some stop and shops. But when we were in North Carolina we had the Food Lion. So what do you have near you?

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You know what, just fucking beat me over the head with a stick for giving a damn...seriously sometimes I wonder why I should say a thing...oh yeah it's because I care.