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I finished working a six day stretch at work, one of those days a full freaking day at work(open to close on a Saturday!). Today was my last day. I was tired but happy and excited to spend the evening watching funny stuff and relaxing...only to have my parents piss me off and kill the mood......god dammit.

So now I'm watching some mst3k shorts in the hopes to get back in the mood. Some people are just natural killjoys!


Well, Geni and I went our first anime convention in over a year! Anime conventions can be a bit much so the break was nice and make me miss the whole experience.
The convention went alright except for one major factor IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT! I think I'm going to avoid summer cons from now on. I might go to the big one in California which is in the summer but the weather would be a lot more mild than hot and humid Baltimore.

Anime Boston is in early spring and there is a con in NYC in the fall, which I'd like to try. I want to mix it up a bit. If you go to the same con every year it starts to get a bit boring.
My Happy costume went ok (except for the heat) I was afraid people wouldn't know who he was but people did. I didn't see many other Fairy Tail cosplayers on friday but there were more on Sat. On Sat I did maleficent, which was easier than Happy but my makeup was totally melting off and it's professional theater makeup! I need to come up with a summer cosplay outfit.
Geni was the only Princess Hime from Princess Resurrection that I could see. Her dress came out really nice.

The events were ok. The friday night parodies were so funny my face hurt from laughing but the sat one was lame. The amvs were ok, but nothing spectacular. The dealer room was awesome, tons of stuff but not much manga and anime hehe. Mostly shirts, plushies,posters, etc. The artist's alley was rather large too and had lots of fun stuff. I bought some fun keychains and several funny anime t-shirts. We got some manga and a new anime release as well. Oh and I got some really cool car decals in the artist's alley. One of Luna from Sailor Moon, Kon from Bleach, and a dalek for my Mom.

The videos weren't all that exciting but I did get to watch two new things I liked. One is an anime called "Tiger&Bunny" The other was a movie called, "Bunraku". It was a special screening because I think it's now out yet or something like that. It was wierd and kinda gory but good action and a hot Japanese guy!

I'll post pics on facebook........that's it!


The anime convention in Baltimore was pretty good! A bit crowded and lots of lines but alright. For some reason I remember it being bigger and less 'confined'. The dealer room and artist's alley were very large, but it seemed like there were no video rooms
But what can you do. The heat was awful I couldn't cosplay for too long before I ended up changing for the evening. Anyway, ok con but glad to be home!

Mar. 1st, 2011

It's almost criminal how hot some guys are. Like Christian Bale, Eric Bana, KARL URBAN who I just watched in Red...so hottttttttttt. *sigh* It's like can real guys even compare!?! hehe


When I finally do get home, I need to start decorating for Halloween.
Robots are everywhere and they eat old people's medicine for fuel. Robots may strike at anytime, and when they grab you with those metal claws you can't break free because they are made of metal and robots are strong.
Is there any song you would consider 'epic'. I really want to work on an amv for next years anime boston and I really think I need an epic song to inspire me. Look up anime boston amv winners and you're know what I mean especially, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27W4r1w4c2g&playnext_from=TL&videos=dRrbVSn5aSs
I really, really, REALLY want to go to a spa.

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