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The craptacular world of Jesse

no thats not a typo

I like to read and right now it's mainly Manga. I like horses, cats, dolphins, mountains, and my favorites season is fall and my favourite holiday is halloween! I secretly wish I could have become a marine biologist, but I like to keep it just an interest. I have a twin sister and a little brother. I love to travel; i've been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Republic of Moldova, Mexico, Athens, Egypt, Romania, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Plus plenty of places in the States.
I really hate rude people; is it really so much to ask to be gracious and polite?
Fun Facts:
Phi Beta Kappa 2002
Graduate of the Latin/Greek Institute of CUNY Graduate Center! (Greek, go hoplites)
Trekker not Trekkie, Deep Space Nine Ruled!
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haunted houses are love
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cats are love
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Date Created:11/16/02
Number of Posts: 1,252

Jesse is a bookworm trapped in a hell of her own making. She loves all sorts of music except Jazz and hardcore rap and is a closet metalhead. Jesse love her kitties, her twin sister, and her friends. Some day she hopes to have a good job, a family, a home, and no debt. I really hate rude people; it is really so much to ask to be a gracious and polite human being?
Strengths: Very loyal, good cook, sympathtic.
Weaknesses: Bit of a doormat and a nervous wreak when stressed.
Special Skills: Pfft...none, does stubborn count?
Weapons: Fists of fury, large academic books, stapler
Motto: Do not remove seat belt whilst seated

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